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The (.Referred to as the Company below) Good Luck Global Co. Ltd, under the principle of the protection of rights and interests of individuals, individuals  recognized to be handled properly information is a company's social responsibility, to the following basic policies Therefore, to protect your personal information, we will continue to respond to the trust of society.

1. If you want to obtain (refers to information that can identify a specific individual. Less. Then the same) personal information, as specifically as possible the purpose of use, one. We, your personal information to the extent that I had the consent to get. 

2. The Company will use the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of personal information. Use of personal information beyond the scope of this case that need to occur, except as otherwise provided by law, it shall obtain the consent for its use.  Place the chief administrator of personal information to each organization to deal with personal information,

3. We strive unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, prevention of leakage, etc. and falsification, correction, etc., to the appropriate management You.  Except as otherwise provided by law or if the consent in advance,

4. We do not provide personal information to third parties. In addition, if you need to provide personal information to a third party, limited to the extent necessary The information provided, as well as requiring the management of personal information by the contracts to provide destination and make the proper supervision. Complaint, inquiry about the personal information from the person in question who had the window to the corresponding corrections, etc., to go to confirm that it is your identity,

5. We will respond appropriately.  Be in compliance laws and regulations that apply to personal information, norms, as well as the development of internal rules for the proper handling of personal information, education for those who employ in-house, by the implementation of internal audit,

6. Company, the to perform a review of the efforts in each item of, we will continue to strive to improve and strengthen ongoing internal systems. 



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