1. Customer satisfaction is our first thought

Beauty, including the net shop. To health user, I will provide the goods and services of a better world.
To customers, and then daily offer products also state-of-the-art full of fun and "beauty" and "health".

2. We consider that our employee  can work with a comfortable environment

You create a workplace where employees while evolution, able to work with a dream always.
The consideration that it is possible to perform sufficiently family responsibilities.
Ability and achievement are evaluated fairly, you create an environment that can be freely proposed.

3. We deference to social always, we consider that we are the  member of the world community rather than special

Towards the social, fun, and provides suggestions for healthy living and rich beauty.
To the world, we will serve the new product from Japan.
Through our business that we deploy, thus contributing to the development of society.


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