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(Also known as content below) documents, photographs, illustrations, video, music, software, etc. on this site, (called the Company collectively below) and its affiliates, Ltd. Good Luck and global third party has It is protected by copyright. Everyone of our use can be replicated by downloading such content only when it is intended to be used within a personal limited or equivalent home other. In the case where the copyright notice of a third party or the Company is attached to the content, you must be replicated in the state marked with the copyright notice. Even in the case of non-replication by the above-mentioned purpose, if the conditions of use by the individual copyright holder is shown on the content of the individual, it can be used in accordance with the conditions. If the work of the third party and the portrait is included, and you may refuse the use in the case, such as the Company deems inappropriate. With the exception of the case of copyright law is set and the case of the above, without the permission of the copyright holder, and adapt the content, you will not be able to use for any purpose public transmission, etc., also in the aspect. Right trademark, logo mark, which is posted on this site, about the trade names are the property of their owners or each company. Be used without obtaining the permission of our these, except as permitted by law of trademark law other, so we are prohibited by trademark law, etc., on your contact, and you may be asked to give a license to the Company in advance I ask. It does not grant any rights copyright of a third party or the Company, patent rights, trademark rights and other terms of content on this site, or regarding the contents of the content on this site, the Company, nor is it to be any guarantee .
For details of the content on this site, we, we can not guarantee that any accuracy, usefulness, reliability, safety and other. By any chance, even if any loss or damage that may occur and not be available or the use, of the content on this site, we do not assume any responsibility. We may want to remove or change without notice or URL content on this site. For any information on this site, and is not intended to reflect the latest information is always necessarily.In addition, you may want to suspend or discontinue without notice the operation of content on this site. For any damage caused by them, the Company does not assume any responsibility. We may want to change the site policy without notice. Site policy after the change will be applied in that case, Please 
May I have provided on this site on your personal information, I am allowed to use the service to customers. In that case, based on the "Privacy Policy", and made the protection of personal information as follows. The personal information of interest, have you provided on the site, your name, address, e-mail address, telephone / FAX number, gender, date of birth, occupation, hobbies, etc., are able to identify you personally Information. This site, when you are asked to provide personal information from you, and clearly the purpose of use, will not be used for any purpose other than that. Then, place the management representative As we handle personal information you provide, and made appropriate management. For your information, this site does not do any provided to a third party as long as there is no consent of the customer. However, it does not apply and comprises if:. · For the provision of personal information, and you have your acceptance of customers.  If provision is required at the request of the government or the law. · If it is necessary for the operation of this site, you may provide your personal information to the company of subcontractors, etc.. In this case, it is limited only to the extent necessary, the personal information you provide will ensure the management of your personal information by the contracts for providing destination. The Company will comply with all laws and regulations that apply to personal information by this site owned, norms, review the appropriate efforts in the above items, we will continue to improve. It should be noted that, in this site, if you are explained individually handling of personal information, and a description of the priority there.


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